LTC-KCU-10 - Standard Kiln Control Unit

1. General Description

The KCU-10 is a standard system for kiln control and supervision. It can be easily installed to upgrade almost any ceramic kiln providing a unique interface for both process control and supervision.

The power sections of the existing control panel can be maintained as well as the temperature and pressure sensors installed along the kiln.

The standard interface is delivered completely set-up to the needs of each kiln so no programming is required to start-up the system.

1.1. Hardware
Compact electrical cabinet. Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth): 1800 x 1000 x 250 mm
Integrated touch screen 10” color TFT
Emergency stop
PLC controller
Interfaces for up to: 30 Thermocouples
For firing temperature sensors at burners, roof, etc.: 10 PT100
For temperature sensors of ducts, ends of the tunnel, etc.: 8 analog inputs
For pressure sensors, if installed: 8 analog outputs
To adjust the working speed of the fans: exhaust, extraction, impulsion, refrigeration and air to burners.: 32 digital inputs
Status of fans, burners, doors positions, alarms from power panel, etc.: 32 digital outputs
To command the burners, fans and other interface signals.
1.2. User Interface
Interactive kiln supervision lay-out.
LTC-KCU-10 - Standard Kiln Control Unit
Displays both current and pre-set temperature diagrams.
LTC-KCU-10 - Standard Kiln Control Unit
Recipe manager for different products or production speeds.
LTC-KCU-10 - Standard Kiln Control Unit
Temperature and pressure historic trend statistics.
LTC-KCU-10 - Standard Kiln Control Unit
Alarms page with active and historical information.
LTC-KCU-10 - Standard Kiln Control Unit
Password access control for critical operations.
PID control loops available.
Remote access to the system through the Ethernet port. The system can be operated from any PC in the local network or from the internet if access is allowed.
1.3. Installation and Start-up
The system is delivered ready to use according to the needs of the installation. No programming or start-up assistance is needed. The installation of the equipment can be done by local electricians following the instructions delivered with the control system.
1.4. Expansion Capabilities
We know that kilns use to grow in installed equipment and performance required. This control system can be re-configured to match with possible changes of the equipment installed in the kiln.
2. Exclusions
  • Sensors for Temperature, pressure, pressure switches, or any other field device or accessory.
  • Interface devices to adapt the existing signals to the required specifications.
  • Power devices such starters, inverters, contactors, safety circuits, etc.. (i.e.: Power panel)
  • Changes in the standard interface and programming.

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