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Used and Refurbished machinery

Since a few years ago , we are dedicated to the refurbishment and selling of Used Machinery, Automatisms, Tunnel Kilns, Dryers and complete occasion plants, for the Ceramic Industry.

We have specialized personnel in the assembly, disassembling, transport and starting in situ, reason why we can assume projects in any country of the world.

Our Stock of machinery is in continuous renovation. Entering new equipments practically every day.

We offer to our customers a personalized service post sale, providing any spare part with a reasonable delivery time and guaranteeing all our equipment during a year.

We were different from the rest of providers of second hand Machinery by realise a complete restoration and meticulous revision of all the components of our Machines.

We normally have the majority of models of the following marks: VERDES, MORANDO, BONGIOANNI, also having equipment of other marks like TEZASA, ROMAR BOSQUE, BEDESCHI, HÄNDLE, RIETER…

We wish that our better commercial trick, is the total satisfaction of our customers.