Clay Test

We have an experience of more than 40 years, analyzing clays around the world for the Ceramic Industry. We tested thousands of clays from more than 65 countries.

Clay TestWe are specialized in the development of complete technological clay tests, to obtain the physical and mechanical characteristics of the clays or additives, in order to determine its producing conditions, type of machinery necessary for each of the productive processes, duration of the production cycles, detection and solution of problems, etc.

We work like clay laboratory for the first engineerings dedicated to the manufacture of equipments for the Spanish ceramic industry and to the construction of keys in hand complete projects, carrying out the tests of the raw materials before beginning to project the factory.

Some of the tests that we could realize are the following ones:

Curva termicodilatométrica de una cuarcita

  • Chemical analysis by FRX.
  • Qualitative Mineralogical Analysis by DRX
  • Semi-quantitative Mineralogical Analysis by DRX
  • Differential Thermal Analysis.
  • Gravimetric Thermal Analysis.
  • Dilatometric Thermal Analysis.
  • Granulometric Analysis by sifted overland.
  • Granulometric Analysis by Laser diffraction.
  • Determination of the Rejection washed on 50 microns sifter.
  • Determination of the index of plasticity Pfeferkorn
  • Determination of the plastic liquid and extreme limit (Spoon of Casagrande)
  • Determination of the Content in Sulphates and soluble chlorides.
  • Determination of the Content in entire carbon method Lecco
  • Determination of the Content in carbonates (Bernard's Altimeter)
  • Determination of the Heating power

Clay Test